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Welcome to Personals-USA.com! Here, you’ll find literally thousands of personal ads from every corner of the globe and every state of the United States. It is FREE to browse our personal ads, and FREE to place an ad! So, enjoy yourself, and take your time – you just may find the man or woman of your dreams here at Personals-USA.com!

Personals Usa is a dating site specifically for singles located in the USA. Personals-Usa.com can aid you in locating your dream date from right where you are at present, simply input your requirements and let Personals Usa do the rest. If you are searching for men or women we have all your needs right here.

You are guaranteed discretion and locktight security using Personals Usa as each and everyone who registers is thoroughly assessed prior to being registered with us, so be confident knowing that you are using a secure recommended quality site, register free today with www.personals-usa.com and see who YOU might be lucky enouhg to meet.

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